California Naturopathic Association

The Philosophy of a Naturopathic Practice

1 Naturopathy believes that all disease comes from the same fundamental cause. 
          The inability to deal with toxic exposure from the environment, foods and stress, is the primary problem with the disease state. 
          The toxins are both internal and external.
2 The symptoms of the body are mearly the expression by the body that there is a problem and are not the problem itself.
          Symptoms are signals and should not be suppressed by drugs and other means, but rather used to let us know our healing program is working.

3 The body heals itself.
          By assisting in the elimination of toxins and removing the negative patterns in the persons life. 
          The body is now free to heal

As it turns out Traditional Naturopathy and Natural Therapies in general are much more in sync with Quantum Mechanics where as Allopathic medicine is still in sync with Newtonian Mechanics.  Allopathy believes the "body is a machine" a theory which promotes physical matter to be the only or fundamental reality, and there is no energy involved.  Allopathy believes "genes control biological function", however, they cannot turn themselves "on or off", so something else must be in control.  Also allopathy believes "Darwinian evolution provides for biological diversity" but we know that organisms adapt to their environment.

                                                                            Old Physics - Newtonian Mechanics.                      New Physics - Quantum Mechanics.
                                                                                              Universe = Matter                                                           Universe = Energy

In reality Energy shapes Matter.  What we now know to be true has been the basic philosophy of Traditional Naturopathy and natural therapies in general for hundreds of years.  Energy signals control biology.  Conventional Medicine only recognizes the molecules as determining outcome.  However, it is energy that activates the signals, ENERGY HEALING IS REAL.  Energy is more effective at controlling biology than synthetic drugs are. 

You must include energy in the healing equation.     
                                                                                                 Newtonian Mechanics                                  Quantum Mechanics
                                                                                                           Materialism                                                              Energy
                                                                                                         Reductionism                                                            Holism
                                                                                                          Determinism                                                       Uncertainty

Scientific attitude toward change.

The accepted medical and scientific attitude toward changes has always had three states:  First, it ignores them.  Secondly, it becomes critical, sarcastic and irritated by them.  Thirdly, it accepts them and forgets that it has not always done so.  However, this organized resistance to new things works also for the good, in that it warns and protects, so far as it can, the innocent citizen against advertising "quick cure" con men.  These dishonest people should not be mistaken for the honest well trained Traditional Naturopathic Practitioner or other natural health care providers.  There are also these same con men within the licensed professions.  

Natural Therapies  are more conservative.

Natural therapies are basically a much more conservative approach to health care than allopathic medical practice.  Natural therapies cannot do certain things which allopathic medicine can do.  But neither can the best medical care do some very important things for the client which natural therapies do.  The important thing is, however, natural healing and medical care are not mutually exclusive.  They each have their strengths and limitations, and in some areas they overlap.  Natural healing takes a slower, more organic approach.  It recognizes first that the human body is superbly equipped to resist disease and heal injuries.  When disease does take hold, or an injury occurs, the first instinct in natural healing is to see where the client has departed from the natural law that governs the body and also to see what might be done to strengthen the natural resistance and healing agents of the individual.  The natural healing orientation means that when you have a problem, instead of looking at the symptoms of the problem they look for the cause of the problem.  Instead of looking for a remedy to take away the symptoms, it looks for where the client has departed from natural law as well as a remedy or therapies to address the cause. Consequently the healing may take longer with the traditional naturopathic approach, than it does with the drug that suppresses the symptoms.  Results may or may not happen overnight, but neither are there any dangerous side effects and other complications.

What is the scope of practice of the Traditional Naturopath?

Air, Sun, Water, Food, Exercise, Sleep, Relaxation, Detoxification, Nutrients, Herbs, Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Color, Gems, Sound, Massage, Manipulation, Energy Balancing and Mental/Spiritual searching  All are necessary, and are natural rejuvenating factors, each of great value, each complimenting and completing the others.  It is our everyday task and duty to make use of them, at the right time and place, so that our vitality is strengthened, our health promoted, our well-being increased and our ability to work preserved until the end of our days.

It takes  seven years for every cell in the body to replace itself.

In seven years from now you will have a completely different body than what you have today.  It takes seven years for every cell in the body to have replaced itself, some replace themselves in a matter of seconds, others take hours, days, months and years.  But the bottom line is the new cells that you are replacing depend upon the lifestyle that you are living now, today.  If you are eating coffee, doughnuts, french fries, colas, smoking, alcohol, drugs, and are under stress today, in seven years your body will be made up of cells that have been nurtured by those products and activities.  If you are eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains and organic animal products along with exercise, water and a healthy attitude, in seven years your body will be made up of cells that have been nurtured by those products and activities.  Reflect upon this ancient wisdom: If you will pay the small price now in learning and disciplining your body, mind and spirit, you will soon come to experience the joy of living in its truest sense.

Health cannot be purchased.

Health cannot be purchased.  It cannot be conferred by another.  Health, happiness and a
successfully abundant life cannot be voted in by the governmental legislature.  Neither king, queen nor congress can guarantee the delivery of health, vitality and happiness to anyone.  Health is something that has to be nurtured, through your own hour by hour, day by day efforts.  Only then will you have learned the joy of living as taught by the ancients.  These ancient sages, philosophers, wise-men and masters of antiquity lived to an advanced age, as they taught and practiced the following Universal Secrets and Principles:

The Traditional Naturopath is concerned with the SPIRIT, MIND, and BODY.


This  requires a natural diet of pure wholesome foods that include a daily balance of proteins, fats, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, herbs etc.  (Organically grown if possible); sufficient exercise, i.e., jogging, swimming, walking, Yoga, weightlifting, massage, breathing techniques, cycling, etc.; fresh outside air and sunshine daily; detoxification and fasting when necessary; adequate sleep (at least seven to eight hours); resting when tired; and drinking pure water (spring, rain or distilled water).  Developing good physical health requires several years, depending upon one's present physical condition.  The Wheels of nature grind ever so slowly, but never the less, surely.  Time and healthful eating and living habits are the primary requirements in attaining good physical health.  Remember, the human body, like all phenomena in nature, possesses the inherent power of self-regeneration when the conditions of healthful conditions are adopted.


The emotional health is dependent on both the physical health and the mental health, i.e., low blood sugar due to lack of eating or eating incorrectly effects the emotional stability of the being.  Emotional turmoil is also the result of ill-health and confusion in the mental realm, brought about by overwork, lack of rest and sleep, how one is thinking about life, the thought process that keep repeating old programs, the in-ability to quiet the mind, that allows oneself to get involved with petty emotions such as jealousy, greed, hate, worry, and a life of constant turmoil.  People in a state of emotional confusion have little or no control in any department of their lives.  They are reactive in both negative and positive ways and become emotionally distressed when the world around them is not functioning in the way they "think" it should.  Controlling (observing and questioning) ones emotions under trying circumstances marks  the person of Dynamic Health and Personal Magnetism.  Good Emotional Health leads to lofty Spiritual Attainment.


As thought precedes action, controlling the mind is the key to health, success and prosperity.  A healthy mind does not get caught up in "mind chatter" which is the process by which we fail.  The ancients teach us to become calm, that all of man's problems arise from his inability to sit still in a room.  In other words to quiet the mind.  Dr. Jung, a Viennese specialist in the early 1900 states "the subconscious mind contains not only all the knowledge that it has gathered during the life of the individual, but that in addition it contains all the wisdom of past ages.  That by drawing upon its wisdom and power the individual may possess any good thing of life, from health and happiness to riches and success".  Warren Hilton in his works "Applied Psychology", states "the subconscious is that department of mind, which on the one hand directs the vital operations of the body, and on the other conserves, subject to the call of interest and attention, all ideas and complexes not at the moment active in consciousness.  Observe, then, the possibility that lies before you.  On the one hand, if you can control your mind in its subconscious activities, you can regulate the operation of your bodily functions, and can thus assure yourself of bodily efficiency and free yourself of functional disease.  On the other hand, if you can determine just what ideas shall be brought forth from sub-consciousness into consciousness, you can thus select the materials out of which will be woven your conscious  judgments, your decisions and your emotional attitudes.  To achieve control of your mind is, then, to attain (a) health, (b) success, and (c) happiness)".  A calm, quiet mental attitude is necessary to carry us through the trials of everyday life.  Living in harmony with the universal rhythm of nature and life.


There is an all-pervading Intelligence behind "Mother Nature", the Intelligence that first brought life to this planet - the Intelligence that evolved every form of plant and animal - that holds the winds in its grasp - that is all-wise, all-powerful - all-knowing - ever-present.  Man is the active part of this Universal Mind.  In so much that he partakes of its creative wisdom and power and that by working in harmony with Universal Mind, man can do anything, have anything, be anything.  There is within everyone - this mighty restless Force with which you can perform undertakings that will dazzle your reason, and stagger your imagination.  There constantly resides within us a Mind that is all wise, all-powerful, a Mind that is entirely apart from the mind which you consciously use in your everyday affairs yet which is one with it.  Since the being is part of the Universal Mind, there is no limit to the things which it can do.  Given the desire is in harmony with the Universal Mind, one has but to hold that desire in your thought to attract from the invisible domain the things you need to satisfy it. 

For mind does its building solely by the power of thought.  Its creations take form according to its thought.  If the thoughts are based in LOVE the creation comes out of LOVE, if the thoughts are based in FEAR, the creation comes out of FEAR.  Its first requisite is a mental image, and your desire held with unswerving purpose will form and hold that mental image.  An understanding of this principle explains the power of prayer.  The results of prayer are not brought about by some special dispensation of Providence.  God is not a finite being to be cajoled or flattered into doing as you desire.  But when you pray earnestly and lovingly, you form a mental image of the thing that you desire and you hold it strongly in your thought.  Then the Universal Intelligence, the Omnipotent Mind - begins to work with and for you, and this is what brings about the manifestation that you desire.  Its power, Its thought, are as much at our disposal as the sunshine and the wind and the rain.  Few of us take advantage to the full of this great Force.  If you have any lack, if you are subject to poverty or disease, it is because you do not believe or do not understand the power that is yours.  It offers everything to everyone - there is no partiality.  "With all thy getting, get understanding", said Solomon.  And if you will but get understanding, everything else will be added to you.  We were also instructed that the only thing we have to do is to LOVE  God and one another and everything will be added unto us.  If LOVE is the absence of FEAR, and LOVE is the healing force, sickness and disease cannot live in the presence of LOVE, then we must also understand that FEAR nurtures disease and would deprive us of spiritual health.




Naturopathy is a system of Natural Healing which through natural methods, assess, and cares for the health of the patient.  Naturopathy is concerned with both a healthy lifestyle and the prevention of disease, and also with the use of natural therapeutics in the treating of human conditions such as; Pain, Injury, and any Physical, Chemical or Mental conditions.  Naturopathy uses systems of practice, which base the treatment of physiological functions and conditions, upon where the natural laws governing the human body have not been adhered to.  A Naturopath utilizes spiritual, psychological, physiological  and mechanical methods.  These methods include air, water, light, heat, earth, photo-therapy, food and herbal therapy, emotional stress release, body work consisting of naturopathic corrections and manipulations, preventative and natural methods or modalities, together with natural medicines such as  homeopathy, flower essences, natural processed foods, herbs and nature's remedies (minerals). This excludes all allopathic procedures such as surgery, therapeutic use of x-ray and radium, use of injections, serums and all drugs.  The naturopath confines his/her practice and the recommendation of remedies to those assimilable substances which contain life and health elements or compounds which are components of body tissues and are physiologically compatible to body processes for the maintenance of life.

Symptoms are there for a reason.

Naturopathy is basically concerned with discovering and removing the root cause of disease whether it be chemical (faulty eating, drinking, breathing or elimination), mechanical(spinal malalignment, muscular tension, stiff joints or bad posture), or psychological.  A patient's symptoms help a naturopath to arrive at an assessment. but do not really concern him much.  What he wants to do is treat the patient and not the symptoms.  Naturopaths work on the principle that acute disease is simply a manifestation of the healing forces, efforts to get the body back to normal.  Because of this they do not like suppressing symptoms as they are there for a reason.

Health is acquired by understanding the laws of nature.

As it was mentioned earlier, health is acquired by understanding the laws of nature.  If we carry out nature's plan properly, we shall not meet with an early, unnatural end trust upon us by illness; we shall rather fade away in old age, without pain or the torment of dying with disease, like a candle extinguished.

"Disease is an unnatural state to ONE living a natural
existence...To THOSE who live unnaturally and
surround themselves with artificial circumstances,
disease is natural, for cause and effect decrees that
normalcy shall generate normalcy and abnormality
produce its kind.  Hence all disease is seated in some
shortcoming that opens the individual to such afflictions".
by Manly Palmer Hall, Philosopher.

Within our lifetime, we can and should be able to prevent disease and create a state of super health.  Seneca wrote two thousand years ago; "Man does not die; he kills himself".  Your future health depends upon your daily personal habits of eating, living and thinking today.